Cracking the Code: The Rising Popularity of Computer Programming


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Cracking the Code: The Rising Popularity of Computer Programming

The Growing Economy

● It is estimated that, by 2020 computer-related employment will rise 22%
● Resulting in the creation of 1.4 MILLION jobs in computer sciences
● Strongest demand will be for software developers
● According to, computer-programming jobs are growing at 2X the US national average
● LESS THAN 2.4% of students graduate with degrees in computer science
● If current job trends continue, U.S. citizens will only fill 30% of our country’s computer science jobs

Learn the Basics

Coding teaches problem solving, creativity and communication skills to kids and adults alike.

● Algorithms
○ The math that makes up programs
● Cryptography
○ How confidential info is passed around the Internet
● Machine intelligence
○ How services like Netflix can learn your preferences
● Computational biology
○ How the genetic code works
● Heuristics
○ Experience-based problem-solving, learning and discovery

Big News for Coding

● Beginning in September, 2014, England will implement computer coding as a compulsory school subject at all grade levels
● U.S. Representative Tony Cardenas has introduced a new bill which, if passed will classify computer programming as a foreign language and allocate grants for schools to teach coding as early as kindergarten
● According to Jason Calanis, CEO of Mahalo and the founder of the startup showcase LAUNCH conference, an employee who understands how to code is worth $500,000 TO $1 MILLION toward a company’s total acquisition price

But How Do I Learn?
● Don’t worry. There are many programs and apps that offer resourcing to learn how to code
■ Codeacademy
■ Code School
■ Udemy
■ Lynda
■ Treehouse
■ CoderDojo