Types of Computer Science Degrees

If you want to make the most out of a career in computer science, then it is essential to obtain as much education as possible. When you are highly educated in the field of computer science, you can easily find yourself making six-figure salaries with companies that want you to serve as a consultant or in-house IT person. Here are some of the different degrees relating to computer science that you can pursue.

Associate’s Degree in Computer Science

If you are strapped for cash and need to obtain some education in computer science, then an associate’s degree may be perfect for you. An associate’s degree can still make you an attractive candidate for companies that are looking to hire someone with a knowledge of software programs, network maintenance and virus protection plans. Associate degree programs may be completed in two years or less. You may also be able to find a certificate program that only takes a few months to complete if you are truly pressed for time and money.

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

The majority of individuals who seek to pursue an education in computer science will obtain a four-year degree in computer science. During an undergraduate program, students will take courses in advanced mathematics and coding languages. He or she will also have to take computer engineering courses. Understanding the logic that is used in computer systems is also essential for students at this stage. When you complete this type of degree, you will be able to help improve computer languages. You may work for a company and help that company to improve its products. You will probably work in the software development department of a company.

Master’s Degree in Computer Science

If you desire to become the director of a software department for a company, then you should seriously consider pursuing a Master’s degree in Computer Science. When you pursue a Master’s degree, you will be able to specialize in a specific field of computer science. A Master’s degree gives you the qualifications that you need in order to become a great leader and manager for a business. You will be able to negotiate a higher salary for a current position that you hold if you decide to pursue a Master’s degree in this field.

Doctoral Degree in Computer Science

Having a doctoral degree will make you a very competitive job candidate for large corporations. When you pursue this type of degree, you will study all of the theories that make up computer programming languages. You will also learn about the ways in which people approach computers. By understanding the psychology of people who use computers, you will be able to help companies develop new products that can be easily used by consumers. You should be aware that when you pursue this type of degree program, you may be required to complete a doctoral thesis. A doctoral thesis is a fifty or sixty-page paper that focuses on an issue that interests you in the computer industry.